Recycle Your Tree!


Christmas is officially over and, if you're like me, you feel sad getting rid of your Christmas tree that you've bonded with throughout the month of December. The tree that greeted you with the smell of fresh pine, held all of your ornamental memories, and guarded the presents under the tree until Christmas morning. 

Growing up in the country, we would toss our tree to the woods, adding to wildlife's home. Now, living in the city, I'm lucky enough to have a community garden in my backyard that has a compost pile (I know, it's awesome). I realize that not all people have that option and many people I know just toss their tree to the curb.

Anyway, let's get to the good part. There are ways to feel better about getting rid of your tree that are good for the earth. Plus, the feeling of "letting go" is little less sad for all of you sappy people like me (no pun intended).

  • Did you know that many townships or cities have drop-off locations for recycling trees? Click HERE to see where your drop-off location is. Many trees are used for wood chips. In Sparta, you can keep the chips for no cost! Hooray for cheap spring landscaping. Just make sure to have your tree clean of any ornaments/tinsel/hooks before dropping off.

  • Don't have a location to drop-off your tree? If you're really motivated, you can start your own tree recycling program. Click HERE to find out how.

  • If you live on a private lake or river, you can use the tree as a barrier for land erosion. With this being said, do it appropriately. Make sure it's secured and anchored to the land. You can also sink it into the lake to create a home for fish and other water creatures. Fish like hideouts like that. Again, do it appropriately. Do not throw the tree into a river, as it can cause blockage. Also, remove the needles as they can be toxic to fish. You can use the needles as mulch.

  • Use the tree for DIY projects. If you're a handy man or woman, get crafty with your tree. Think of ways to reuse it around the home. Coasters are a fun idea and can make great gifts. Get even more creative and try some wood burning. Yes, I really did just post a Pinterest link. Sorry, not sorry.

Those are all of the ideas I have for now. Let me know YOUR ideas by posting a comment below!

Happy Treecycling!