Selling Tips

Have buyers fall in love with your home by following these tips!

Price it Right

  • Don’t let your home be the one that sits on the market. The longer the home sits on the market, the less desirable it becomes to buyers no matter how nice it is.

Curb Appeal

  • Keep your yard neat and trimmed while your home is on the market. As buyers drive up to your home, it is the first thing that sets the tone of the showing. Even if you don’t want to put too much time or money into yard work, doing things like buying flower baskets or putting down fresh mulch will tap into the subconscious mind of the buyer and make your home more desirable.

Conceal Critters

  • Hiding any clues of pets - like your dog’s food dish - is a must. Many buyers are sensitive to the smell of pets and it can be a big turn off when looking at the home. Make sure you tidy up any dog or cat fur from the sitting areas, store away food and toys (including hiding food dishes), and clean the kitty litter. These steps will help those who may not be fond of furry friends see your home in a much better light.

Organize Closets

  • Full, messy closets can give off the impression that there isn’t enough storage space. Create space by storing away some clothes, shoes, and accessories. Consider keeping only things that you really need while your home is on the market, and store the rest in a bin in a storage room.

Quick Fixes

  • Before you put your home on the market, make sure you ask your realtor what you should and should not do as far as updates in your home. More often than not, they’ll tell you to not go overboard but make some adjustments. Quick fixes like fixing leaky faucets, putting sliding closet doors back on track, a fresh coat of paint, and deep cleaning - these things can be of more importance than a complete remodel.


  • Things like family photos, memorabilia, and your beanie baby collection keeps buyers from seeing themselves living in the space. Consider home staging. In some cases, the realtor may pay to have this service done for you.

Focus on Kitchen and Entryway

  • Out of all the rooms, these are the most important ones to keep tidy. In addition to the outside of the home, entryways create that first impression. Seeing a dirty and unkept entryway will set the tone as potential buyers move through the rest of the home. If you have too many shoes and/or coats cluttering the space, it will give off the impression that there isn’t enough space, and one one wants that. Kitchens - same thing. Seeing dirty dishes left out on the counter or in the sink gives off an icky vibe that they’ll carry throughout seeing the rest of the home. If you have too many kitchen gadgets out on the counter, it gives off the impression that there isn’t enough cupboard space and also lessens the amount of available counter space. Kitchens are very important to buyers and can be a deal breaker if there isn’t enough space for cooking and for storage, so keep it tidy!

And last but not least, hire a Realtor you trust!