Winter Prep: Preventing Frozen Pipes

Winter is right around the corner.

Make sure you're prepped!

1. Drain and store outdoor hoses. Also drain water from pool and sprinkler supply lines if you have them. Do not put antifreeze in the lines unless directed otherwise.

2. Look out for exposed pipes in and around the home - basement, crawlspace, attic, garage - keep them insulated.

3. For pipes that have froze within walls in the past, it's probably because the insulation is installed improperly or there is an inadequate amount. If you haven't already, boost up your insulation to keep it from happening again.

For those of you flying south for the winter:

1. Make sure the home temperature is no lower than 55 degrees.

2. Shut off the water supply, open all faucets and flush the toilets to drain the system.